Binh Tay Market / Signs, Part 1/4

In 1992, Bình Tây Market in Chợ Lớn, District 6, was renovated and comprehensively repaired. It can be assumed that the signboards were painted during that year.

When I visited the market at the beginning of November 2016, there were just a few days left, before the market closed for an extensive renovation. I tried to capture as many signboards as possible, because I knew that they would probably not survive. The signages of sạp 7 to 70 which can be seen here, are not existing any more.

Shop 7 facing Tháp Mười Street

Shop 31 to 59 were at the side of the market, facing Lê Tấn Kế Street

Shop 65 to 70 were at the back of the market under a covered area, facing Đường Phan Văn Khỏe Street

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